quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

2 weeks ago in planet My Life...

"Would you consider dating a guy like me?"
Adele's "Don't you remember' was playing in the background and I felt like crying. Because I knew that he didn't meant to talk about a guy like him. He was talking about him. Because I actually like him. Because I wanted to say yes. But I still remember. And I hate Big for that.
I hate him for raising the stakes. For ruining the words for me. The music. The feelings. I hate him for ruining first kisses and entire sentences that used to sound so well.
I felt like crying because I wanted to say yes and, instead, I said: "I'm not sure. I'd have to think about it. You know, I'm a bit shallow. Your regular chearleader surrounded by jocks. I don't know a rats ass about dating geeks."
"Would you consider learning?"
I could sense a smile and the subsequent disappointment as I uttered no reply. Honestly, I was about to say "Not from a Jedi!" but that would geek me up and ruin my shallow reputation in a blink of an eye.
Instead of a reply, I changed the subject. I wanted to say yes and ended up saying nothing. The truth is, today as yesterday before this conversation, I keep looking at my mobile hoping for a message...

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